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Introducing The Color Crew!

The Color Crew is your monthly coloring subscription. This virtual coloring space creates fulfilling opportunities for connection, dialogue, and healing for the everyday human.

Getting in the groove can be simple.
So is finding your flow.

As a member, you will receive a coloring sheet and doodle prompt every Tuesday (starting May 3rd). From there, you have options...

Do you want your coloring goodness via email or text message? You get to choose!

Do you prefer to color alone or will you be joining your Color Crew for a group co-coloring session? The choice is yours!

Join me and the rest of the Color Crew monthly for our virtual "Color Me Happy" Hour check-ins where you can connect, converse, and heal with everyday humans navigating this journey called life.

No "prior experience" is necessary. Just be open. Show Up. COLOR. Connect

See? It's simple and in this hectic fast-paced world, simple is just what we need.

What will your week as a member look like?
Stress-free and color-full!

In addition to the weekly coloring sheets and doodling prompts, you are also invited to weekly Co-Coloring sessions on Wednesday afternoons from 12-1 pm EST.


Other perks include:

- Exclusive access to our quarterly coloring playlist and our private podcast (COMING SOON) to tune into while coloring

- First access to new coloring sheets, products, and other releases

- 10% off of all coloring products in The Canvas (our coloring store)

- Automatic contributor to the Color Warrior Project

Don't stress your budget either!

Subscription Photo.PNG
Corporate Subscription.png

Coloring for A Cause Commitment

For each subscription purchased, a coloring book will be donated to our Color Warrior Project.

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